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On the 38th anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the 18th anniversary of First Intifada, Dr. George Habash, the founder of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, addressed a message to the Palestinian People at home or in exile and the Masses of the Arab Nation.

To the Palestinian Struggling People
To the masses of glorious Arab Nation
Female and male Comrades

In the beginning, I would like to start this message by sending my regards to Patriots of Resistance in Palestine and to the Committees of the National Action for the Intifada. I send my regards to our people in Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, Beit Lahham, Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus, Hebron and all cities, towns and camps of West Bank. My best regards are for those daily confronting the Zionist Occupation, who confiscated the lands in order to construct the Discrimination Wall, by their naked bodies. I send my regards to the souls of the virtuous Martyrs, Martyrs of freedom, independence, Intifada and Resistance. My regards to be sent to their families and children. I send my best regards to my brothers and comrades who are detained in the Israeli Occupation prisons, and Jericho jail, and my highest regards will be sent to the Patient Leader Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat – Secretary General of PFLP, deputy Secretary General of PFLP leader Abdul Rahim Mallouh, his comrades, Brother Marwan al-Barghoutti and Hassan Youssef, Struggler Samir Qintar and his comrades, as well as all Arab prisoners in Zionist prisons. Again, I send my regards to all Resistants and Strugglers in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and all Arab Countries.

This glorious anniversary of PFLP comes in hard circumstances witnessed by the Arab Territories and the Palestinian cause, as well as our Front whose Secretary General Ahmad Sa’adat is still in Prison along with his Deputy Comrade Abdul Rahim Mallouh, their comrades and a large number of the PFLP cadres due to their firm stands towards the National causes.

I, hereby, say:Blessed be the PFLP in its strong continuation of Struggle giving a shining example of solidarity by the Struggling comrades inside the Israeli Jails. Blessed be the Strugglers comrades on Palestinian Lands in Brigades of Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, in Gaza Strip, cities, villages and camps of the West Bank.

On this glorious anniversary, we have to evaluate our line since the last anniversary. However, we would find that it was a year full of events and political developmenst all over our beloved Homeland and the whole Arab Area. On the Palestinian Internal level, we should ask the following question: What was achieved?.

The important achievement fulfilled is the withdrawal by the Zionist Occupation from Gaza Strip and Dislocation of its Settlements, which was an outcome of Resistance and Intifada as well. If not the Resistance and its operations were not found, the withdrawal shall be a fact, but such national victory remains imperfect with the Israeli oppressive measures, which transformed Gaza Strip into a large Prison. This act is one the goals of Sharon’s Plan in order to keep the Zionist control over the Borders, Crossings, Air Passages and Sea Ports. This situation requires the choice of Resistance in its consideration as the sole road to guarantee the achievement of Freedom and Independence.

Thereby, the Israeli Strategy became well known through partition of Palestinian lands into cantons and the attempts of separating West Bank from Gaza Strip as well as keeping Gaza away of the conflict. Such policy aims at swallowing and confiscating more pieces of the Palestinian lands, continuing the construction of the Discrimination Wall and isolating Jerusalem, the capital of Palestinian State, from the rest of the West Bank cities by building such wall, in order to prevent the establishment of the Palestinian National Independent State and not to provide any constituents of establishing the Palestinian Independent State.

Thus, there is an Israeli Strategy supported by the American Administration. In return, we can ask: Is there a Palestinian Strategy on which we may rely to struggle on its basis?

Yet, any Palestinian Strategy on which we may talk should include our known Palestinian invariables: Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees to their lands from which they were pulled away, Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian State and Evacuation and Dislocation of Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.

Nevertheless, the construction of the Discrimination Wall means the continuation of confiscation plan and settlement. The Wall that condemned by the world, constructed to destroy basement and the constituents of any Palestinian State and to hit the true meaning of the Independence and sought freedom, which is the slogan adopted by the Intifada.

Therefore, the Zionist enemy is going on its policy of swallowing more lands and oppressing our Palestinian People, despite the existence of an internal Israeli party conflict. In conclusion, such parties are, in their essence, all agreed upon Zionist invariables. It’s mistakably to bet on such conflicts and presume that there is a change in the Israeli Political Thought.

Concerning the Arab situation, dangers are increasing more than before, accompanied by the existence of the American Strategy which aims at arranging the Arab Area situation to dominating and controlling its wealth. This Strategy is proceeding fast particularly after the American Invasion to Iraq. We may notice how the chains of such Strategy is connected through the American influence on Lebanon and its attempts to impose an international mandate over Lebanon with all consequences of the American and international demands to execute the second crack related to decision No. (1559) and to target the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon as well as the rumors about disarming the Palestinian camps and the American Zionist attempt to cross out the Palestinian and to prevents breathing from the Arab lungs.

On the other hand, American Strategy is practicing more pressures on Syria and targeting its National stances by imposing economic penalties on it. This is because Syria represents the National firm stances in the Arab World. These developments proceed side by side with the existence of an official Arab deterioration and Arab jogging towards Normalization with the Zionist Entity. On the other side, there is an Arab popular rejection of Normalization despite all attempts. Would the plans set by the American Administration and its strategy for the Arab World succeed?!

Replying to these questions could be found in the future of Resistance in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria as well as the beginning of the Popular Movement in Egypt and all Arab Countries. However, the Iraqi Resistance gave a new hope, and has great achievements on land. It shall also impose the agenda of the American withdrawal, which shall be considered as a defeat to America after Vietnam. Look at the influence of the Iraqi Resistance against the American Occupation Forces. Look at the American and World public opinion and listen to the strong voices opposing the American Administration’s plan in its war and occupation of Iraq.

As for the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon leaded by Hizbullah, it is always ready to attack all conspiracies made against Lebanon. Such Resistance is capable of liberating the remaining parts of the Lebanese Occupied Lands (Shaba’a Farms).

In Palestine, our people is still adhering to its brave Resistance until achieving its freedom and independence, establishing the Independent Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Yet, the American Zionist Strategy is working hard to targeting and crossing out the Palestinian Resistance in Palestine. But Syria is still adhering to its choice of resisting American pressures or penalties imposed on it to keep its firm National stances and to liberate the Golan Heights from the Zionist Occupation.

Facing such facts, we find ourselves within a second round of conflict with the American Zionist Plans.

On the 38th anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, we confirm the following:

1. Confirming the choice of Resistance by confronting the Zionist occupation Plans on land, which means the legitimacy of Resistance with the existence of clear strategy.

2. Deepening the concept of freedom and independence as well as protecting the achievements of the Intifada and the Resistance through activating PLO Institutions, confirming the principle of Democratic Dialogue and working for the achievement of a free and impartial Legislative Elections on the basis of Democracy, Reform Programme and combating corruption and internal building.

3. Activating the National and Public action in order to return to the popular features of the Intifada and resisting the construction of the Discrimination Wall, which is confiscating more parts of land in West Bank and Jerusalem.

4. Making efforts to consider the cause of the Wall as one of the world’s Struggle causes in order to remove it, particularly that we rely on the Convention and the Decision made by Lahai International Court, which provides that the Wall should be removed as it’s illegal, to provoke the World’s Public Opinion, the Forces of confronting Globalization, the World’s Solidarity Forces that support the Palestinian Struggle and resist the Discrimination Wall as well as all forms of Apartheid and Racial Discrimination.

5. Supporting our people in the Occupied Territories of 1948, who are facing the Zionist racism, standing side by side with their fair struggle, evaluating their brave stand beside their people and brothers in Gaza and West Bank. This shall give the impression that our Palestinian People everywhere is unified in its struggle and that it can’t be divided.

6. On the Arab level and within these hard situations in the Area, it is necessary to stand firm in front of the crisis of the Arab Liberation Movement, putting solutions to its problem through renewing its Arab National speech, defining its contemporary goals and thinking of a National Arab Islamic Resistance Front in coordination with the Islamic Enlightenment Movement. This would result in crystallizing a resisting front to confront all plans of the American Zionist hegemony of the Area. We should also coordinate with the Arab Party Forces supporting and consolidating our people and its Intifada in Palestine, and we should put these forces before their historic responsibilities and to set a work mechanism to combat Normalization in order to make such forces fight for democracy and Arab National goals.

On this anniversary, I send my regards to the National Lighthouses in the Arab Countries, to forces of peace loving, consolidating with the struggle of the Palestinian People particularly those in Latin America and those of the World’s Consolidation Forces in Europe and America.

Finally, I send my regards to our people in the Occupied Territories of 1948 or exile and to our people in the Occupied Golan. I also send my regards to the heroes of Resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. I send my regards to all prisoners in the Israeli jails particularly those in Jericho, and to Iraqi strugglers in Abu Ghraib prison and all Iraqi American prisons.

Glory and immortality to our Faithful Martyrs

Victory to Resistance

Dr. George Habash
Founder of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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