Feb 212007

Q. Nablus is considered a massive fortress for the guerrillas of the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, what is the reason? And do you coordinate with the rest of the PFLP guerrillas in the rest of the West Bank and Gaza?

A. Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades are everywhere in Palestine, and if there was Palestinian cities were the presence is stronger than other areas, it is due to many reasons, most importantly: the assassination and arrest of most of the leaders of the brigades, the limited amount of financial sources due to the siege imposed on the organization in general, in addition to the building process taking place currently in the PFLP preparing for the upcoming phase, due to our convection that the war of liberation is long, and that the enemy knows only the language of force. Concerning the coordination with the rest of the guerrillas in the rest of the areas, we do so continually despite the difficulties in the coordination process due to the checkpoints by the occupation everywhere, and also due to the fact that contact through phone and internet is not secure.

Q. The PFLP, through out its history, stood out for the massiveness and power of its military operations, but during the current intifada, the PFLP suffered from a rarity in operations, even though its operations were powerful and unique, what is the reason for this?

A. There are still massive and powerful operations, such as the operation of the assassination of the low-life criminal Zeevi, and the martyrdom operations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Pitah Tikvah, Natania, and Kfar Saba. The brigades got a presence and an effect in every occupied part of our beloved land. The rarity of the operations, which all other Palestinian factions suffer from, got many reasons, and we do not deny that the Apartheid Wall is among those reasons that have caused the operations inside to be less in recent times. But this does not mean that those operations do not exist.

Q. You suffer from a weakness in financial capabilities and are continually targeted by the Zionists forces…How are you able to manage in light of the difficult situation you are in?

A. We in the brigades, when we have chosen this path, knew beforehand that we will be targeted by the occupiers and its collaborators, and that martyrdom and arrest await us every moment. However, we will not give away our path until victory or martyrdom. Due to the constant raids by the Zionists against the PFLP, we have lost a lot of comrades in the brigades, either by arrest or assassination. According to our financial capabilities, we manage the issues of our daily life such as food, drink, and other. There are still people of honor among our people that support this noble phenomenon of resistance and offer support according to their abilities, due to their realization that there is no choice but to resist.

Q. The program of the government of Salam Fayyad does not have any mention of armed resistance? What is the opinion of the brigades on that issue?

A. We were not surprised with this program due to our early realization that his government is not a national one but was founded to implement Israeli-US agenda; the government says what it wants, and we in the brigades do what we please.

Q. What is your position on the truce and cease-fire with the occupation?

A. The occupation only understands the language of violence and force, and what as taken away by force, could not be returned unless with force. As long as the occupation exists on our lands and our chests, we will not give up our resistance until the establishment of our Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The past experiences have proven the failure of all the agreements and peaceful solutions.

Q. Do you accept throwing your weapons and surrendering them to the Palestinian Authority in return for guarantees on your life, and indications that you will not be harmed?

A. We will not throw our weapons until the establishment of our independent state. Concerning the guarantees, the offers of forgiveness, and not being harmed, it is empty talk; since we are not criminals so we get forgiveness. When we carried our rifle and chose the resistance, we did not do so to protect our lives, but to get back our rights and stolen lands. We will continue resisting until martyrdom or the establishment of the state and getting back all our rights.

 Q. During the last few days, you launched daring operations and operations in cooperation with other factions; is their a coordination with the rest of the factions, or this is a new tactic by the brigades?

A. Yes, there is coordination between some of the factions operating in the Palestinian scene, and Al Qassam Brigades being on top of them. This coordination differs from one faction to the other. We also coordinate with the Fares Al Layel groups, from Al Aqsa Brigades which is still carrying its weapon and resist the Zionist occupation despite the siege they experience from all directions. It still operates with full force, especially in the old town in Nablus. We are hoping for, and working for that coordination and joint work to be more extensive to contain all the other organizations.

Q. Last words?

A. We in the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades greet our steadfast people on our beloved Palestinian land. We call on our people for more steadfastness and support for the resistance since it is the only choice for regaining our rights in establishing our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the return of the refugees, and the freeing of all the prisoners. We also call on our brothers in Al Fatah and Hamas to end all the conflicts and make national interest the priority, since the people and the cause does not afford any divisions. Our cause is right now in a sensitive phase, which needs us to unite more that any other time. We also affirm that we in the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades will remain the first ones to resist the occupation and re-establishing the unity in-between our people. We also promise our people that our weapon will remain in the face of the occupation and its collaborators and will never go astray.

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