Dec 272011

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp in Syria held a commemoration event for the 44th anniversary of the Front. The event also honored the memory of the martyrs of return and the Golan; six marchers from the refugee camp were killed by the Israeli military during a popular march to the borders of occupied Palestine for the right of return on June 5, 2011.

The event began with Comrade Abu Rita, leader of the Front in the camp, who introduced the speakers, Comrade Ahmad Abu Saud, a freed prisoner in the recent prisoner exchange deported to Syria, and Comrade Abu Hani, member of the Central Committee of the Front. Abu Hani discussed the history and struggles of the PFLP, recalling the leaders, martyrs and prisoners who struggled with the Front on the road to liberation of return, presenting their lives as a call to continue the struggle.

The mother of the martyr Fayez Ahmed Abbassi spoke, discussing the meaning of martyrdom and sacrifice and expressing her pride in adhering to her Palestinian identity as a refugee in Syria, along with the millions of Palestinians around the world, saying that the struggle for Palestine would continue until the liberation of all of Palestine, and the return of all Palesstinian refugees to the homes and lands from which they were displaced.

Ahmed Abu Saud spoke about his experience in occupation prisons, recalling the steadfast struggle, and the suffering, of prisoners inside the occupation jails, noting that prisoners continue to struggle valiantly to confront occupation while suffering tremendous abuse and practices designed to break their will. He made particular note of imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, and the prisoners in isolation, saluting their leadership in the struggle from inside the prisons.

The Front presented Abu Saud with a plaque in honor of his lifelong struggle, and concluded the event with cultural performances, including poetry, national songs, and debkeh dance.

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