Apr 262012

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the Egyptian decision to cease exporting gas to the Zionist entity, saying that this decision reflects the will of the Egyptian people and its strength, expressing great hope that this is a final and irreversible decision.

Furthermore, the PFLP hoped that the Egyptian people will develop this further and once again expel the Zionist ambassador from Egypt, the land of revolution, honor and dignity.

Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, said that this decision is the result of the uprising, struggle and sacrifices of the Egyptian people, a demand that has been shouted time and again from the mouths of protesters and echoed across the land of Egypt. He considered that this decision is the beginning of a process of the fall of Camp David, the agreement that has caused great damage to Egypt and the Arab nation as a whole, whose serious effects and implications continue to this day.

He said that the entire Palestinian people, the Arab nation, and Islamic peoples look upon this act with appreciation and optimism that sister Egypt can return to play a leading role in the nation and achieve its full objectives of liberation, independence and democracy on the way to liberating all of Palestinian land and freeing all of the Arab world from occupation. Comrade Fuad said he hoped to soon see the day of cancelling the Camp David Accords with the Zionist enemy as well as the full abolition of the humiliating Oslo agreement, which has been one of Camp David’s results.

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