Apr 282012

Comrade Wafa Abu Ghoulmeh, activist and wife of the imprisoned leader Comrade Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, praised the ongoing solidarity actions with the prisoners on hunger strike inside the occupation prisons, and called for such activities to increase and extend to all Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank, Gaza, throughout Palestine ’48 and everywhere in exile and diaspora.

Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh is currently held in isolation; he is the representative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to the leadership committee of the prisoners’ hunger strike.

Wafa’ Abu Ghoulmeh said in an interview with Quds TV,”We must take to the streets, block the bypass roads and cut off the settlers in Ofer and Huwwara and at the checkpoints closest to the occupation. The more struggle we wage outside, the shorter the term of the strike and the greater support we provide to our brave prisoners in the occupation’s jails.”

She said that Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh had three messages:

First, to the masses of our people to engage in full and comprehensive mobilization on the issue of prisoners and support them in their just cause to achieve their demands.

Second, to the Palestinian political leadership, to elevate the struggle of the prisoners throughout the international arena and in all international institutions, and through all Palestinian embassies.

Third, to all who struggle for justice in the world, to work to hold the Zionist state accountable for its crimes against the prisoners in international courts, to pursue actions to support our prisoners’ right to live in dignity, and to end the policy of isolation imposed on the prisoners

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