May 012012

The Progressive Labor Action Front issued a statement on May 1, International Workers’ Day, saluting the brave prisoners in the occupation prisons who exemplify the highest meaning of steadfastness and defiance in the battle of the empty stomachs against the fascist machine of Zionist oppression, calling for the broadest solidarity movement in their struggle for victory.

On May 1, the Action Front called on all labor organizations, trade unions and the masses of Palestinian workers to join in activities and events in solidarity and support or the struggle of our prisoners, calling in particular on the unions to raise this issue in their international relations to build international solidarity to raise the issue of prisoners as a universal human issue that requires all to pressure the occupation, delegitimize the occupation state, and boycott it.

The Action Front said that May 1 this year comes amid an epic heroic battle that makes clear that our prisoners in the occiupaton’s jails are free people despite all the restrictions placed upon them. They make clear to all of the Palestinian people and to the progressive forces around the world that they will continue to struggle until achieving freedom and human dignity. Our prisoners are united in an open hunger strike, with the people behind them, as the prisoners are the people’s voice and the conscience of Palestine. The PLAF said that national unity is necessary, and it is time to end the conflict over the Authority of no authority, that benefits only the occupation and its fascism, and build unity, escalate resistance and struggle for victory.

The PLAF called for urgently working to re-build the Palestinian labor movement on a national and democratic basis to ensure participation and pluralism, and build a truly national Palestinian trade union movement. On the First of May, said the PLAF, International Workers’ Day calls on us to renew our connection to the working class of the world, with determination to continue the struggle in the face of capitalism and imperialism, which seek to undermine and destroy all of the rights and gains achieved by our workers’ struggles in an attempt to address the economic crisis on the backs of oppressed classes, through nationalizing losses and privatizing profits. Such acions are being imposed on workers around the world and in Palestine and we must build more struggle and unity to protect workers’ rights and reverse reactionary economic policies in order to achieve social justice. Our situation as Palestinians, said the PLAF, is difficult and complex as we confront the Zionist occupation and its policies of land confiscation, settlement and racism against our people.

The Action Front also said that our struggling people are subjected to so-called solutions that attempt to undermine their full and inalienable national rights to return, self-determination and independence, while the masses of our people refuse to accept half-solutions, quarter-solutions or less and instead to continue the resistance, steadfastness on the ground and adherence to national principles. The PLAF said that the authorities in the West Bank and Gaza bear responsibility for the high rates of poverty, unemployment and deterioration of health, electricity and education services, as well as high prices, in ligh of continued division, and called for an end to violations of democratic freedom and freedom of assembly.

The Front called on labor unions and workers around the world to escalate activities of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the state of the Israeli occupation and to raise the struggle to the type that confronted apartheid in South Africa, where the international solidarity movement played a critical role in bringing down the system. It saluted the World Federation of Trade Unions which marked Palestinian Prisoners’ Day as an international day of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and called upon international labor unions to follow suit.


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