May 142012

Comrade Wafa’ Abu Ghoulmeh called for a popular uprising to free the prisoners, calling upon the Palestinian people to go to all of the squares and streets, march to the checkpoints, the wall, and the prisons of the Zionist enemy on the anniversary of the Nakba, calling for victory for the prisoners before it is too late. She said that the occupation will not accede to the prisoners’ demands without mass pressure inside and outside Palestine, wherever the Palestinian people are.

She emphasized that the Zionist occupation bears the full responsibility for the lives of the prisoners, noting that the health of her husband, Comrade Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, is extremely serious after the occupation rejected several times to take him to the hospital despite fainting and vomiting blood. She also said that the Palestinian Authority is directly responsible for the lives of Ahed and his comrades who were arrested by the Palestinian Authority and held in a PA prison when attacked and abducted by the occupation in 2006, saying that the PA is not taking on any signficant role toward the issue of prisoners and their suffering, and is merely issuing statements to the press despite the fact that Palestinian prisoners are entering the twenty-eighth day of open hunger strike today.

She denied reports about alleged efforts by Egypt and Hamas to resume the issue of ending isolation as part of the conclusion of the Shalit agreement, saying that such claims are not founded and that the strike continues until the end of isolation is achieved by the will of the prisoners, saying no parties should try to claim credit for the achievements of the prisoners won through their battle of the empty stomachs.

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