May 222012

On the 64th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation reaffirmed that the right of return is a political, human, legal, individual and collective right guaranteed by international law, and Resolution 194 at the forefront, that cannot be bartered, bargained or neglected away. The Front emphasized that on the occasion of the historic open hunger strike and battle of dignity and freedom waged by thousands of prisoners in the camps and prisons of the occupation with empty stomachs is a continuation of the glorious heritage of our struggling people.

The Front said that the will, commitment and determination is akin to that of the longest general labor strike in history, the Palestinians’ 1936 strike for freedom, dignity, and independence, and that this action confirms once more our people’s commitment to their cause and the resistance of the people. Unity and steadfastness is stronger than the tyranny and injustice of the occupation, said the Front, and the Palestinian people continue with absolute rejection of any attempt to liquidate their rights and full commitment to the return of the refugees and their children to their homes and material and moral compensation for what was taken from them.

On the 64th anniversary of the Nakba of the Palestinian people – 64 years of exile, refuge, and alienation in the homeland and in diaspora and exile, the Palestinian people are more committed than ever to the right to return to their homes from which they were displaced with violence and aggression, said the Front.

The Front emphasized that despite all attempts to undermine the Palestinian cause and conspire against their rights, the resolve of the Palestinian people is unbroken and they carry their cause deep in their hearts and minds as a banner of resistance for freedom of the people and the homeland. 64 years of the Nakba is 64 years of occupation and looting of the land and the uprooting of the people, the attempts to distort our identity and falsify our history, 64 years of ethnic cleansing and racism. It is also, said the Front, 64 years of constant struggle, sacrifice, martyrs, prisoners and wounded in the valiant struggle to secure our inalienable rights – at the core, the right of return. Over a century ago, the world recognized that colonialism is a crime and that nations have the right to self-determination and independence, yet Israel continues its occupation with impunity, perched on Palestinian land, and the international community is deeply complicit – both for the partition of Palestine in 1947 and the 64 years of agony and catastrophe that have followed since, said the Front.

The Front noted that the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) must continue to provide its services and implement its duties, and ensure the implementation of the human, economic and civil rights of Palestinian refugees in host countries – not as a favor, but as rights guaranteed under internaational law.

The Front concluded its statement with salutes and reverence for the sacrifices and struggles of the martyrs and the heroic prisoners, and greetings of pride and steadfastness to our people in the camps, cities and villages inside and outside Palestine who stand together and support the prisoners, calling upon all to act to end the ongoing Nakba and its crimes of settlement, aggression, displacement and dispossession that has not stopped for 64 years. The Front also demanded that the Palestinian leadership cease chasing illusions and instead, be inspired by the spirit and will of the prisoners to review the political course of the Palestinian movement and develop democratic social and political programs to unite our people and our national and Islamic forces under the banner of resistance. It called for a final end to over 20 years of damaging and futile negotiations and for confrontation of the occupation and its plans to liquidate the rights and existence of our people.


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