May 222012

The Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine addressed the Palestinian people, saluting their steadfast actions with the prisoners on hunger strike. The Prison Branch said that the striking prisoners fought a crucial battle in the history of the prisoners’ movement and the Palestinian people as a whole, and said that the steadfast support of the Palestinian people is the main reason for a historic achievement of which all Palestinians can be proud.

The prisoners said that this achievement will helpt to lift and support the struggle of the Palestinian people around all of their critical struggles – from Jerusalem, to return, to challenging the settlements, to self-determinationa and establishing an independent Palestine. The leadership of the prison branch thanked the Palestinian people and Arab and international solidarity activists and lovers of freedom around the world for standing together to confront Israeli jails and support our just cause, saying that such stances support our continuing struggle to achieve our legitimate demands..

The Front’s prisoners in Israeli prisons also thanked all institutions of the Palestinian people for their active participation in solidarity with the prisoners, in particular the mothers, sisters and wives of prisoners who stayed the night in tents and sit-ins across Palestine.

They called for continuing this solidarity with this momentum around all of our struggles with the same force and power, emphasizing that there is no route for the Palestinian people except to confront the occupier on all fronts on a united basis as a national project aimed at the realization of all of the rights of our people.

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