Jun 192012

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said on June 19, 2012 that the crimes of the occupation can be stopped only through national resistance. The PFLP said that the policies of the occupying power and its government are those of ultra-settlement, extremism, attacks of the occupation army, and warplanes and bombings against our people in the Gaza Strip, and looting land, burning crops and destroying homes and holy sites in the West Bank.

War crimes and crimes against humanity are committed day and night, said the Front, and are met by official Arab and international silence, which is unacceptable. These crimes will not and cannot be stopped without national resistance, and popular steadfastness, and reliance on our internationally guaranteed rights, as a clear alternative to policies of waiting and relying on so-called negotiations and bilateral solutions with the United States as their reference. These are nothing more but covers for the crimes of occupation and attempts to create “facts on the ground” to impose so-called “peace processes”, “security initiatives,” “economic peace,” and the so-called “state with temporary borders.”

The Front caled upon the Palestinian leadership to unite in the face of genocide against the Palestinian people and to rebuild national unity and the PLO on a democratic basis, inclusive of all forces, and consolidate our national efforts to defend return, self-determination, liberation and our capital in Jerusalem.

The Front demanded that the Arab League, the Organiation of the Islamic Conference and the United Nations to take responsibility to confront the policies and continuing crimes of the occupation and its violation of all international conventions, international law, international resolutions, and the Geneva Conventions, by prosecuting the occupation and its officials in international courts, boycotting and isolating the isolation state, to support our people’s rights to win our freedom, sovereignty and self-determination like all peoples of the world.

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