Jun 292012

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, issued a letter to the masses of our people, the resistance, and the brave, steadfast Palestinian people:

The occupation established by the Zionist enemy is still making every effort to subjugate our people and to break the resistance. The resistance has risen from its ongoing crimes targeting our land, our people, our existence, and our Palestinian identity, and its ongoing escalation of crimes that only add to the horrific record of the criminal leaders of the occupation. In response, it is necessary to confront and challenge this occupation with a dynamic Palestinian resistance. The occupation allegedly seeks for ways to establish an alleged and flimsy calm to avoid being held accountable for the lives of the martyrs and the blood shed on the soil of our homeland. The leaders of the occupation are well aware that such a calm is a mere illusion, soon to be dismissed with a severe escalation planned in advance – to be followed once again by calm.

We pledge that our resistance will not let the blood of our martyrs and our wounded flow freely without the occupation paying for its crimes, and the occupier’s mightiest weapons will not be able to break the resistance and steadfastness of our people. Today, we speak with great strength that the enemy must reckon with the calculations of its own losses, as our people have great determination to survive and achieve either victory or martyrdom. We salute the masses of our people, for your continuing steadfastness, resistance, and countless sacrifices. We salute the heroes of the resistance from all factions and our brave fighters in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades.

The bombardments of the resistance are painful for the occupiers, confusing the enemy and the settlers, forcing hundreds of thousands of them to take shelter underground from the rockets and motars of the resistance, not only near Gaza, but also in Tel Aviv. This indicates the fear of the enemy and the confusion experienced by the occupation state.

To our brave resistance fighters, you are the shield and protector of our people, you are the hope of freedom and victory. Your legendary steadfastness to confront the mightiest military war machine, your solid will and your revolutionary insistence to hold the occupier and its soldiers accountable for their crimes – has put the leaders of the occupation into a state of shock as they threaten to launch new and painful blows against Gaza. These threats are empty balloons in order to demand a fast calm before their own next escalation.

We salute all of the fighters of the resistance. History will record that you and your great will defied the tyranny of the occupiers despite your lack of arms and supplies compared to the occupation army outfitted with the mightiest weapons of destruction and murder. We also salute the brave prisoners and their will that forced the jailers to submit to their demands, and the AAMB fightrs in all units and formations confronting the enemy. You are on the path of Al-Hakim, Abu Ali Mustafa, Abu Ghassan, Guevara Gaza, Kanafani, Wadih Haddad, Abu Mansour, Wael al-Masri, and all of the leaders of our Front and our people, the fighters, martyrs and prisoners.

We bow to you, icons of steadfastness. Your guns are always directed against the enemy, and you are not deceived by a fake calm because you understand that the enemy does not care about calm, and does not hesitate to continue its crimes.

We also extend our greetings to national media and to the radio station, the Voice of the People, and its crew and staff, to the health workers, the soldiers who defy everything to save the lives of our people.

We in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades promise to our people, our martyrs, our wounded and our prisoners to continue resistance in all forms and to use all means available to defend our people. Despite the language and illusion of calm, the occupation continues its crimes against the Palestinian people and its valiant resistance, including murder and destruction. The Zionist state and the leaders of the occupation will be forced to respond to a united national front and the formation of a unified resistance front that coordinates to continue resistance in all forms. All of our fighters will remain deployed ready to respond to the crimes of the enemy and the occupier.

Forward toward freedom and victory; all salutes to our heroic people. Glory to the revolutionary fighter in the face of the occupation; glory to the martyrs; healing to the wounded; no voice is louder than the voice of resistance and freedom; victory for the resistance, freedom for the prisoners; victory will inevitably be ours.

June 29, 2012

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