Jul 142012

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees organized a visit to the home of the martyr Comrade Mahmoud Gharbawi, writer and former member of the Political Vureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, marking the 40th day after his death.

This visit came as one of a series of events organized by the PFLP in Bureij refugee camp in Gaza marking the 40th day of Comrade Gharbawi’s departure. Comrade Gharbawi’s wife, Maha Gharbawi, welcomed the delegation. Members talked about Comrade Gharbawi’s life, his life of struggle inside and outside the prisons of the occupation, and his writing in prose and poetry. Maha Gharbawi, their daughters and sisters then traveled with the delegation and the leadership of the PFLP in central Gaza to a memorial wall set up by the PFLP in the region, with the image of Mahmoud Gharbawi and other martyred leaders of the Front, including Comrades Abdulmajeed Saidny, Fathi Gharbawi (Mahmoud Gharbawi’s brother), Ismail Saidny, and Mahdi Nofal.



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