Jul 292012

Comrade Emad Abu Rahma emphasized the importance of media and communication, especially in the current era of information technology, social media and rapid communication, at the conclusion of a media workshop in Rafah in the southern Gaza strip on July 20, 2012. He noted that the importance of communication and media awareness was reflected in the revolutions and changes taking place throughout the Arab world.

He congratulated the media committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Gaza Branch for their organizing of media training sessions in five governorates in Gaza in order to raise the efficiency and knowledge of Front cadres in media, saying that an advanced course would be organized after Ramadan to provide expanded and comprehensive journalism education, taught by professional journalists and media workers.

Comrade Wael Abu Libdeh of the media committee in Rafah thanked the teachers of the sessions for donating their knowledge, expertise and time. He noted the importance of the media and its role in confronting the occupation and mobilizing the masses to defend their rights and the rights of their people, saying the PFLP has a crucial role to play. He encouraged the graduates of the training workshop to continue to refine their knowledge by becoming involved in Palestinian and Front media and communications.


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