Aug 052012

Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called upon the masses of the Palestinian people and their national, social and political forces to take to the streets and work in all ways possible to end the state of national fragmentation and disintegration, which is causing great harm to the Palestinian cause. These remarks were relayed by the newly released prisoner, Comrade Yousef Abu Ghoulmeh, in an interview with Voice of the People radio station on August 4, 2012.

Sa’adat, said Abu Ghoulmeh, emphasized that all national forces, including Hamas and Fateh, must work to end the state of division and rise above narrow factional interests for the national cause and to meet popular demands for social justice and democratic freedoms. Sa’adat emphasized that it is necessary to continue to expose occupation policies and resist occupation crimes through all and varied forms of struggle and resistance, emphasizing that none must place any hope in absurd negotiations or promises of the Zionist government to make various minor concessions in order to seek further pseudo-negotiations, including the release of some long-time prisoners, noting that this is a Zionist deception and political blackmail that will not provide anything and only further harm our national cause.

Sa’adat emphasized that the Palestinian cause is an issue of land and rights, and that united and determined efforts must be made urgently to restore both, and called upon all Palestinian forces to make strong and serious efforts to free all of our brave prisoners in the occupation prisons, and must raise their cause and their suffering on the ladder of Palestinian priorities.

Comrade Abu Ghoulmeh conveyed Sa’adat’s salute to the Palestinian people inside Palestine and outside in exile and diaspora, and in all of the refugee camps, especially those in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan facing difficult circumstances and situations.

Abu Ghoulmeh assured the Palestinian people and the Front’s cadres about Sa’adat’s heath following several hunger strikes, noting that he had shared a room with Sa’adat for three months following Sa’adat’s transfer from isolation after the end of the hunger strike. Comrade Abu Ghoulmeh emphasized that he found Sa’adat to be firm, steadfast, and vital, filled with drive and enthusiasm, and had not lost hope for one day in the inevitability of the victory of oue people.

On the current situation of the prisoners inside the occupation prisons, Comrade Abu Ghoulmeh said that the prison administration still is delaying and failing to implement the agreement that ended the prisoners’ strike in May, including promised improvemeents in the living conditions of prisoners. Abu Ghoulmeh said that prisoners are still engaging in struggle and protest to put pressure on the prison administration to improve conditions. He said that the occupation forces are continung aggressive practices against prisoners, including late-night inspections and ransacking of cells, abusive methods of transport and transfer, and the denial of family visits under the pretext of “security” or “intelligence information.” He noted that administrative detention continues, and is used by the Zionist occupation to put pressure on our people and their freedom fighters, and is applied arbitrarily with no legal process, charges or trial.

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