May 172013

nakba-65On the 65th anniversary of the Nakba, which is remembered by our people everywhere annually on May 15, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine reiterated that the right of return is an inalienable, natural, human, legal, and political individual and collective right. The right of return is a sacred right, that has no statute of limitations, is non-negotiable, and may not be traded. It is guaranteed by humanitarian, human rights, and international law, and will never be relinquished.

The Nakba against our people is the direct result of the implementation of the Zionist project on our land and our nation. It could not have been achieved without the complicity and colonialist conspiracy of Britain and the United States, which continues to this day. In order to begin to end the ongoing Nakba, justice must begin at the root – implementing our people’s right of return, in addition to compensation for the damages done over generations to the people, their land and their institutions, as upheld in international law.

The PFLP called upon Britain, the United States and the European Union to admit their responsibility for the crimes of the Nakba and the ongoing oppression, occupation, apartheid and colonialism targeting our people, and to bear the political, legal, moral and historical responsibility for the continued crimes against our people for over a century.

The Front further condemned the actions of a delegation of Arab foreign ministers in Washington proffered so-called “land swaps” at the border on the eve of the anniversary of the Nakba, saying this act is a continuation of their deplorable role and complicity with Zionism and imperialism and that some Arab states are addicted to subordination to the American position, and that this action is part of the framework of generous concessions at the expense of our people reflected in the Madrid-Oslo approach and the so-called “Arab initiative.”

Israel’s occupation, settlement, siege, arrests, killings, Judaization, displacement and war crimes against the land and people of Palestine, from the Galilee and the Triangle to the Naqab and Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, is the embodiment of the strategy of Zionism, based on violence, terror, and denial of the existence of the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights of return and self-determination, a model for racism and apartheid, whose era is long past.

The Front called for an immediate end to any Palestinian participation or reliance in so-called “negotiations,” “bilateral talks,” and the promises of the US government and instead to begin re-building the Palestinian house on a democratic resistance basis, safeguarding the national identity of our people and supporting their steadfastness. The Front urged that a new national political and social mobilization of the forces of our people and our allies to struggle, with a unified national leadership committed to resistance to defeat the occupation, the settleents, free the prisoners and achieve the full rights of our people, until we achieve a democratic secular state on all of the land of Palestine.


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