Feb 282014

khalida-jarrarComrade Khalida Jarrar, a leader of the popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, demanded that the official Palestinian Authority leadership end security cooperation with the occupation and support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people. “The Zionist occupation criminals executed a Palestinian resistance fighter in cold blood who had his will as his only weapon, refused to acquiesce to the occupation and did not give himself up,” said Jarrar.

“Those who one day thought they can co-exist or negotiatie with this occupation…should reconsider their positions so as to not give the occupation more cover for the continuation if its crimes, most recently the killing of comrade Moataz Washaha and the process of targeted assassination, accompanied by the demolition of three homes,” Jarrar said. She said that the negotiations process provides cover for the occupation’s aggression, while beautifying its image on an international level.

The alternative to the path of futile negotiations is to provide protection for the resistance in all its forms and the formation of a broad national front at the grassroots level in the framework of a program of continuous confrontation of facts being imposed on the ground, Jarrar said; she called on the Palestinian leadership to recognize that the Palestinian people have their steadfast will and resistance to confront racist military occuption at all levels. “Without a leadership that stands in line with the Palestinian national cause and the aspirations of our people, the enemy will continue its crimes,” Jarrar said,

She noted that every day the Palestinian people confront occupation in Jerusalem, the seam zones, and everywhere the soldiers and settlers occupy. In order to envision the outbreak of a third popular intifada that is ongoing and continuous and includes all forms of resistance, a unified popular command is needed to develop the program and protect the people, said Jarrar, who expressed confidence that the outbreak of the intifada will come in the context of a people struggling under occupation to realize their full rights.

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