Jul 142014

abujamalThe Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, issued a message to all tourism and travel companies and bureaus in the world, warning them to cancel plans for tourism in the Zionist entity, so-called “Israel.”

They said:

“We, the forces of the Popular Resistance Brigades of the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, recommend the cancellation of all tourism and holidays in occupied Palestine and warn from creating any such plans. The Israeli occupation forces have launched an all-out war on our people. They cannot protect its cities, its airports or its tourist resorts from the missiles of Palestinian resistance anywhere in occupied Palestine.

“Accordingly, we are not responsible for the potential loss of lives or injuries to tourists, and we advise all tourists to leave immediately and without delay.

“Secondly, we recommend corporations that intend to contract deals or invest inside the Zionist entity to cancel such plans immediately, as any such investment in the economy of the occupation is support for the state called “Israel,” hurts the Palestinian people, threatens our rights, and strengthens this racist entity. Therefore, such companies would be a legitimate target for our armed forces,” said the statement.

In addition, AAMB announced that it continued to launch its resistance rockets targeting the settlements of the Zionist enemy along with all of the resistance factions. On early Sunday it launched two rockets at the Nahal Oz occupation military site, fired on Kerem Selem with 3 rockets, launched 4 rockets toward Bir Saba, launched several missiles at Zakim military base and other areas within occupied Palestine ’48. It continued its operations on Monday, launching seven missiles at various areas in occupied Palestine at Zionist military sites.

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