Jul 202014

khaled-barakatComrade Khaled Barakat said in an interview with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine media department that “the horrific massacre in Shuja’iya neighborhood in Gaza only proves the brutal, racist, colonialist nature of the occupier that Palestinians are fighting against. The massacre today is one in a long line of ongoing and continuing massacres aiming at the expulsion of Palestinians from our land for over 66 years. The occupation state is based on the massacres and expulsion of Palestinians from their land. It is an illegitimate, racist, settler colonial entity and this shines through in its massacres in Gaza.

“The massacre also indicates the failure of the aggression and the cowardice of the Israeli Occupation Forces,” Barakat said. “Killing children and bombing civilians is not military heroism. This massacre, conducted with U.S.-made and funded weapons before the eyes of the world, with the silence and complicity of imperial powers and Arab regimes, is another proof that the occupation forces have failed in the battlefield and in their attempt to force a surrender upon the resistance.”

“The war criminals in Tel Aviv wanted to prove to their racist society that they are ‘making progress’ and the way to do that is by shelling a historic neighbourhood in Gaza, Shujai’yya, crowded with civilians, full of people, displacing over 85,000 people, bombing and shelling children and families with tanks and warplanes, because they are unwilling and unable to confront the resistance in the battlefield, face to face. In other words, Israel is using Palestinian civilians as human shields for its cowardly army,” said Barakat.

“In the last 48 hours we have seen that the real heroes in the battlefield, the Palestinian fighters of the resistance who have fought heroically and went behind enemy lines to confront occupation soldiers, achieving true victories against the occupiers,” said Barakat.

Commenting on the brutality of the Shuja’iya Massacre, Barakat said, “These massacres only deepen the Israeli defeat. Let us remember that in 1967 ‘Israel’ occupied the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai and the Golan Heights in 6 days and now, for the past two weeks, the Israeli ‘mighty army’ could not advance into the strip 10 meters fighting the resistance on the ground. And as an alternative, it has conducted massive bombing of civilians, targeting children, family homes, schools, hospitals, centers for people with disabilities, elders, fishers’ boats, family farms, and massive and random shelling of entire civilian neighborhoods.”

We have no doubt that Israel’s technical military capabilities are higher than the Palestinian technical capabilities, just as in the case of every colonizer who possesses massive military power and deploys a killing machine against an oppressed people struggling to live. However, in the confrontation on the battlefield, there is the truth – there are more Israeli soldiers killed and wounded than Palestinian resistance fighters. And so the cowardly colonial army of occupation targets families and civilian neighborhoods for massacres.”

Comrade Barakat said that the unity that the Palestinian resistance is exhibiting has never before been witnessed to this extent, and that “what makes the resistance stronger and more unified is the Palestinian people’s embrace of the resistance on a mass popular level. Our people in Gaza are the shell that protect the resistance and make it stronger and this popular support is the main principle and assurance of the victory to come.”

Barakat said that “there is no doubt that this battle is going to be deeply costly in human terms because of the brutality of the occupier, but the resistance will emerge from this battle stronger and more experienced, just like they did in 2008-9 and in 2012. After each battle, the resistance emerges stronger in its abilities, weapons, tactics, experience and qualitative achievements.”

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