Aug 032014

Gaza-Attacks-July-2014_gettyA statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip

Despite the immense pain and deep wounds, we have no option but to continue the resistance and strike the Zionist enemy

To our steadfast people in Gaza, to the children of martyrs, to the bereaved families, to the families of destroyed homes…

Twenty-two days of the barbaric Zionist aggression against you, conducted with various types of internationally prohibited weapons, and yet you are inscribing the finest example of resilience, fortitude, strength and pride, amid great pain and the ongoing hell of bombardment by land, air and sea, the suffering of displacement and homelessness. We greet you as you resist the criminal and murderous Zionist state, as you pursue the killers and defeat them despite your bleeding wounds.

Salutes to the children of Gaza emerging from under the rubble, salutes to the medics, health workers and ambulance crews, to the civil defense, to the municipal workers, the unknown soldiers of the homeland who have paid with their lives for the service of their people. Salutes to the journalists and media workers who confront bombing and threats to deliver the reality of Gaza to the whole world. Salutes to the relief committees in the various areas of Gaza, and to the workers in shelters and sites who continue to provide aid and assistance according to their means to our displaced people..Salutes to the brave resistance, the fighters in the ranks of al-Qassam Brigades, Saraya al-Quds, Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the National Resistance Brigades, and the AbdelQader Husseini and Jihad Jibril Brigades who have shed their blood on the battlefield for their people and have written new epics of heroism and glory for Palestine. Salutes to those who stand on the front lines, in the tunnels, on the borders, salutes to the fighters in combat and the naval fighters, salutes to the rocket launchers who look toward their homes in Haifa, Yafa and al-Quds from exile in Gaza, Salutes to each of you individually, your heroism and strength, and your steadfast unity on our internal front, cemented by the resistance and the steadfastness of our people.

We know that the pain is immense and the suffering is severe, and that our people are paying a dear price for dignity and freedom, yet despite the massacres, you are striking fear and dread in the Zionist entity and among the settlers and soliders who hide in their tanks and airplanes as they bomb our people, civilians, in their homes, while the resistance makes achievement after achievement and they send shells against the people of Khan Younis, Rafah, Jabalya, Tuffah, Beit Hanoun, Bureij…and your support for the resistance is firm and clear without any hint of hesitation or retreat. We have no option but to continue the resistance and to strike blows against the fascist entity on the road to achieving our goals. Despite the pain and the brutality, and the siege, and the assassination of our children, the massacres, the genocide, the war upon our people as a whole, the Zionist occupation is incapable of addressing the blows of the resistance. We have not and will not retreat and will continue to develop new methods to confront the invader enemy. We must adapt ourselves for long-term struggle, as we confront a new stage that requires even more solidarity and mutual strength, and the harnessing of all resources in the service of our impacted people in Gaza.

To the masses of our people in the West Bank of Palestine…

On the road to the escalation of the popular movement, and in order to achieve the goals of our people, we call upon you to escalate and develop the uprising, to fuel it, to work on its sustainability, to rise up in every city, camp and village to confront these killers, to burn the earth under the feet of the settlers who steal our land and that of our ancestors, to confront them with stones, Molotov cocktails, weapons and bullets, to burn their locations, to activate the boycott and confront normalization in all forms, to raise up committees of popular protection, and we call on honest members of the security agencies to join our people in confronting the occupation and protecting our people as a substitute for security coordination with the enemy.

To the free people of the whole world..

The strong position will not be forgotten, of the tens of thousands of people in the streets of France, London, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Chicago, Canada and all the cities of the world, nor to the consistent solidarity of those in Latin America who have also struggled against imperialism for many yeard. It is a victory for Palestine to see the masses of the world condemning the Zionist aggression on Gaza, the massacres and the killing of children. It is urgently needed for you to escalate and continue your support for the cause of Palestine and its people, to put serious pressure on your government and to escalate the boycott of the occupation state; to surround and occupy the consulates, embassies and business offices of the occupier, and to bring its officials before international courts as war criminals.

To the masses of our people in the homeland and in exile and diaspora..

Let us strengthen our national unity with greater commitment to our common position, that of the resistance, and build our support for the resistance, defend its decisions and achievements. All Palestinians in the homeland and in diaspora are called on to engage in the long-term struggle by all means available.

Gaza is committed to resistance and steadfastness and we will not accept that the massacres of our people and their vast sacrifices will be spent in vain. No matter how great the crimes and the massacres, and no matter whatever conspiracies proliferate in regional interactions and politics.


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