Aug 092014

abujamalComrade Abu Jamal, the spokesperson of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, said that all armed brigades and military units of the Palestinian resistance continue to confront the occupation and its crimes through rockets and missiles, since the end of the ceasefire which expired at 8:00 AM on Friday, August 8, until the present moment.

Speaking to journalists in Gaza, Abu Jamal said that the battalions had, since the beginning of the ceasefire, taken a clear decision to resume and intensify the rocket strikes at the end of the ceasefire if the enemy continues to refuse the conditions and demands of our people, the resistance will be continued and strikes intensified against the fascist enemy, its army and settlers.

Abu Jamal saluted the Palestinian masses who have been a rock of steadfastness struggling for freedom that are committed to the resistance despite the criminality and brutality of the enemy army. In response to the enemy’s attempts to impose conditions on the resistance, Abu Jamal said that the equation of war is that the victor imposes conditions and this is what will be achieved in Gaza, which is victorious thanks to the steadfastness and resistance of its people, and it shall impose the conditions and force the enemy to accept them.

Abu Jamal saluted the fighters of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades stationed at rocket launchers and holding their guns, ready to rain upon the settlers the fire of Palestinian anger. He said that despite all the difficulties experienced, the fighters of the Palestinian resistance had recorded significant military accomplishments in this battle which deserve to be studied as part of the history of military resistance and examined as milestones in the history of popular liberation wars and revolutions of oppressed peoples.

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