Aug 242014

mahmoudabbasThree comrades of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were martyred in the brutal assaults of the Zionist occupation August 23: Mahmoud Osama Abbas Abu Omreen, Abdul Rahman Salem Hadayed, and Ismael Mosallem Abu Bteihan. We salute our comrades and pledge to avenge their killing by continuing on the path of resistance until the liberation of all of Palestine, our land and our people.

abdelrahmanhadayedThe Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salute and mourn with pride and anger the fighter, commander and leader, Comrade Mahmoud Osama Abbas Abu Omreen, 28, who was assassinated on Saturday, August 23 by the Zionist occupier’s aircraft targeting his car with a missile in Gaza City; and salute and mourn the fighter and hero, Comrade Abdul Rahman Salem Hadayed, 25, who died on Saturday morning, August 23 after being targeted by occupation aircraft in Khan Younis, on his motorcycle during the performance of his national duty of struggle.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades saluted the comrade and said that the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades will continue in the path of Comrade Leader Mahmoud Osama Abbas and Comrade Abdul Rahman Hadayed by continuing to march on the path of resistance and struggle until the Zionist occupation is uprooted from every inch of the land of Palestine. Comrades, you are immortal martyrs of struggle alongside all the great warriors and strugglers of our people. Your comrades will remain at the rocket launchers and gun emplacements…victory to our people and the resistance.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine mourn Comrade Ismael Mosallam Abu Bteihan (Abu Imad), 75, who died of his wounds on Saturday August 23 after his home was targeted yesterday by Zionist occupation aircraft in Nuseirat, Central Gaza.

The Front saluted his long history of struggle, one of the first generation of the Popular Front, who joined the Arab Nationalist Movement as a youth and was detained by the occupation forces on multiple occasions for his activity in the Front, and was part of the faculty of Al-Azhar University in Gaza. He is an example of a Palestinian who lived his life for his people, the nation, and resisting the occupation.

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