Oct 312014

Silwan_FridayToday, Jerusalem is facing settler attacks and difficult circumstances created by the Zionist occupation state, including attempts to deport the Palestinian Jerusalemite population and take their homes and land through expropriation, fraud, or conversion of so-called “absentee property” for settlement projects, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in a statement.

The occupier is also attempting to divide Palestinian holy sites by passing laws in the Knesset allowing the division of the Haram al-Maqdisi. These actions have coincided with a vicious attack against our people in Jerusalem, including prosecutions, arrests, the injuring and killing of young people, notably the killing of Abdel-Rahman Shaloudi and keeping his body, requiring him to be buried late at night with only a small group of his family, and the killing of the child Orwa Hammad of the village of Silwad in cold blood. The lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem are constantly endangered through attacks against them, especially after the murder of the young boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

This is why our people in Jerusalem continue to rise up and resist these racist policies and confront the new and old schemes targeting Jerusalem and seeking to empty it of its indigenous people. The Intifada in Jerusalem is a natural response to the occupation and its crimes, and the Front urges the masses of the Palestinian people, everywhere they are, to support Palestinians in Jerusalem and their resistance to the occupation, to organize events and actions.

The Front demands that Palestinian, Arab and international official bodies take their responsibilities to protect our people from these racist practices of terror against the rights of Palestinian Jerusalemites, to pressure the enemy to stop such practices and to support our people in Jerusalem. We also demand that Palestinian officials and the Arab League act to strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinian Jerusalemites and deliver real support for popular resilience in open confrontation with the enemy and their settlers.

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