Nov 082014

bedd1In support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, and against the attacks and destruction at the hands of the Zionist occupier and settlers, the resistance factions and Palestinian Popular Committees in northern Lebanon organized a sit-in on Friday, November 7 at Beddawi refugee camp.

The event, including organizations and movements in the area, included the carrying of the Palestinian flags, speeches and messages of support to their Palestinian sisters and brothers in Jerusalem, saluting the people struggling and resisting occupier attacks.

jd2In Amman, Jordan, a coalition of nationalist and leftist parties rallied outside the Zionist embassy in Amman on Friday, against the aggression on the Palestinian Arab people and the attacks on Jerusalem and its holy sites, and in support of the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people. The protest also demanded the immediate closure of the occupation state’s embassy in Amman and the end of all forms of normalization with it.

Comrade Dr. Said Diab, the General Secretary of the Popular Democratic Unity Party (Wihda party), gave a short speech emphasizing the position of the Jordanian national movement standing alongside the Palestinian Arab people in their struggle against the Zionist occupation, against all agreements and treaties with tit, and standing with the option of resistance and national constants. He demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman, and to reconsider the commitment of Jordan’s shame and humiliation, the “Wadi Aqaba treaty,” that violates the national interest. He called for an end to the futile program of negotiations and raising the level of Palestinian resistance to confront the Zionist project and defeat the occupier.

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