Jan 152015

leimanThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the Zionist campaign against Comrade Leila Khaled, Palestinian national figure and member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP and her visit to South Africa, noting that these attacks only confirm the correctness of the Front’s commitment to resistance and of Leila Khaled’s struggle.

The PFLP noted that this political and media attack on Khaled and the Palestinian resistance was launched in response to the tour taking place early next month in nine cities in South Africa. It is an extension of earlier Zionist attempts to block her participation in demonstrations, lectures and meetings in various cities around the world and an ongoing Zionist campaign to silence Palestinian revolutionary voices.

The Zionist occupation has seen that South Africa and its own struggle against settler colonialism and apartheid has inspired heavy losses on a political and economic level and that the South African movement has played a major role in revealing the criminal and racist face of Israel to the world.

The Front noted that no one has forgotten that the Zionist state supported the racist system of apartheid in South Africa at the same time that the Palestinian people supported the struggles of their brothers and sisters in the African National Congress until their victory over the apartheid regime.

The Front expressed on its own behalf and that of the Palestinian people its salutes and greetings for the South African people and social movements, and the supporters of the Palestinian people who took the initiative to invite Comrade Leila Khaled, particularly BDS South Africa, whose boycott campaign has been growing with great resonance. This movement succeeded in mobilizing hundreds of thousands to take to the streets against the assault on Gaza and formed a real force to pressure the occupation politically and economically in South Africa.

The Front criticized the silence of the Palestinian embassy in South Africa on this Zionist campaign. Comrade Leila Khaled is a member of the Palestinian National Council and it is the responsibility of the embassy to condemn these kinds of attacks on a member of the PNC.

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