Feb 182015

Tony Blair is not welcome in the Gaza Strip, said Comrade Osama Al-Haj Ahmed, commenting on the visit of Blair representing the “international Quartet” and noting that he comes only to enforce his absolute support of the Zionist occupier and provide cover to its crimes against the Palestinian people.

“We see no signs of hope from Blair, who refuses to demand the Zionist organization end its siege on the Palestinian people, to condemn the settlement policy or any of the racist policies of the occupier against the Palestinian people,” said Ahmed, noting that the visit is intended primarily to pressure the Palestinian people into political concessions, to undermine fundamental Palestinian rights and promote a Zionist vision of a demilitarized Palestinian “state” with no sovereignty that undermines the right of return.

The PFLP issued a statement condemning Blair’s statements and his efforts to exert pressure on Palestinians to “accept a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders as a ‘final solution’ to the conflict” in order for the international community to support reconstruction. The Front called for the strongest rejection of this cynical attempt to exploit the suffering of our people in order to attempt to liquidate thier rights and their cause. Blair’s attempt to mortgage reconstruction of the Gaza Strip to political conditions and conditions related to the identity of the Hamas movement is a far cry from the promises of the donor countries in Cairo, said the PFLP.

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