Feb 252015

gasdeal“The signing of this gas deal is a treacherous stab in the back and a disgrace to the Palestinian people and their growing movement to boycott the Zionist occupation. It is an unforgivable crime and a manifestation of financial corruption, the waste of public money, and the squandering of the capabilities of the Palestinian people,” said Comrade Ahmad Abu Saud, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He strongly condemned the Palestinian Authority’s $1.2 billion deal to import gas from the Zionist entity for a 20 year period, calling for its immediate cancellation.

“We are still living with the heavy consequences and negative effects on the Palestinian economy and living situation, mired in the mud of poverty, unemployment and division” caused by the Paris economic agreement between the PA and Israel, said Abu Saud. “This new deal only continues the systematic dangerous policy of the PA that cements the Zionist grip on our people and it will contribute to increasing the Zionist treasury, to be naturally used to support its military budget and aggression against our people.”

This agreement will consume enormous sums of money over long years, providing opportunities for some brokers within the PA to take advantage of and profit from the Palestinian people. He also urged connecting with Arab movements, particularly in Jordan, to stop these gas deals and build international solidarity against the occupation as it attempts to put its hands on the gas fields discovered in the Gaza sea and the West Bank.

In a statement, the PFLP noted that this is a time when all voices are resounding internationally for a boycott of the Zionist state in all forms and in all of its products. It noted that the deal reinforces the continuing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem for 20 years to come, suggesting that the signatories to this deal are in support with the occupation’s continued exploitation, destruction and violation of this land and people for at least 20 more years. The PFLP urged all Palestinian organizations and institutions to act in a coordinated fashion to put the strongest pressure on the PA to immediately cancel this agreement.

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