Jul 262015

stud-venezThe Associated Press and the right-wing reactionary “El Nacional” newspaper in Venezuela have, as part of their long-running media, political, ideological, and economic war against the progressive, anti-imperialist government of Venezuela and against the people of Bolivar and Chavez, have attempted to stir up false representations and spread propaganda internationally, this time under the banner of Palestinian students’ scholarships in Venezuela, provided by the government headed by President Nicolas Maduro.

In this regard, we in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine find it urgent and necessary to clarify the following points:

1. The Palestinian people, their political forces and especially the student movement, thank the people of Venezuela and its socialist government and progressive, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist political forces for their full and unconditional support to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s just struggle for the liberation of Palestine from Zionist/imperialist occupation.

2. The problems of the student movement are matters in the first place for students to resolve; there are many student organizations at regional, national and international levels. One of the main tasks of the General Union of Palestinian Students is to provide a space for political, ideological and cultural debates for all Palestinians and to facilitate their participation and integration in the social and national life of the university and to support their positive interaction with Venezuelan society.

3. For Palestinian students and for the people, Chavez is a leader, a comrade, a struggler and an example of solidarity, love and sacrifice not only for Venezuela but for the entire world. His ideas, thoughts and orientation are inspirations for our struggles for national and social liberation and building a new society.

4. The vast majority of the Palestinian Arab community in Venezuela strongly condemn all kinds of conspiracy against Venezuela, its legitimate socialist government and its constitutionally-elected president, Comrade Nicolas Maduro. We also express our solidarity and support to our comrade Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly, in the face of an intense imperialist media campaign against him because he consistently confronts the enemies of the Bolivarian revolution and Venezuela with courage and dedication.

5. The Palestinian people have acquired deep experience over long years of struggle against Zionism, imperialism and their lackeys internationally to determine who are their friends and who are their enemies. The victory of the socialist revolution in Venezuela is not only a matter for the Venezuelan people, but for all democratic and revolutionary anti-imperialist forces around the world, and particularly for the Palestinian people and their anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist political forces.

The relations between the Palestinian and Venezuelan people have very deep historical and political roots and no one can divide them. The only “scammers and swindlers” are the private owners of “El Nacional” newspaper attempting to trade the Palestinian students in Venezuela for its objectives in local elections and to speculate on the Palestinian cause in an electoral climate that is unfavorable to reactionary, right-wing and pro-Zionist forces. We are confident that the attempts of “El Nacional” are doomed to fail and they will face another defeat in the National Assembly elections next 6 December.

Viva la Lucha Antiimperialista – Anti-sionista!
Viva Chávez!
Viva la Amistad entre Palestina y Venezuela!
Patria …. socialismo …. o Muerte!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – Venezuela Organization

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