Nov 142015

parisResponsibility for the heinous massacre that took place in Paris last night, claiming the lives of at least 120 innocent people, lies primarily with colonialism, imperialism, and the murderous criminal takfiri forces, and particularly with the United States, the French state and their reactionary tools in the region, said Comrade Khaled Barakat, coordinator of the international Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat.

In an interview with the PFLP information department, Barakat said that “the fascist right wing and the Zionist enemy are the sole beneficiaries of this heinous crime, which is a net profit for them. Arabs, and in particular Palestinians, are and will pay the price of both the attacks that took place in Bourj al-Barajneh in south Beirut against innocent people, and those in Paris, also against civilians.” Barakat pointed to “a wave of racism that some are trying to incite in Lebanon against our Palestinian people, which is even more severe in colonial France, where we are witnessing rising waves of racism and hatred against migrants, refugees and poor citizens, particularly Arabs and Africans in Europe.”

Barakat pointed out that “France’s bloody colonial history in Algeria, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Arab world is still fresh in the Arab popular memory, while France continues to this day to support the racist Zionist state and the reactionary Arab regimes with arms supplies and deals. The French state is hostile to the right of the Palestinian and Arab peoples to self-determination and liberation, while inside France, multiple forms of racism and oppression are practiced against poor and working-class Arabs and Muslims. All of these factors weaken Arab solidarity and can distort the image of the reality of this crime.”

“The way to hit U.S. and European imperialist interests today is not through crimes and bloody massacres against civilians in the streets of Paris, London and New York, but to challenge those interests by organizing popular Arab movements, strengthening solidarity campaigns and real revolutionary anti-imperialist movements, and confrontng the colonial policies of the West through mobilizing the masses – students at universities, workers in trade unions, members of churches and other public institutions and social sectors,” said Barakat. “We must normalize the people’s resistance and the forces of the resistance, and strengthen the role and the voice of Palestinian and Arab communities in the West,” particularly at this time of increased racist oppression and threats.

“The reactionary, obscurantist takfiri groups are a natural product of the current reality in the Arab world, amid massive underdevelopment and the power of vicious reactionary regimes and tools of imperialism, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. We also note the destructive role played by countries such as Turkey and other NATO allies in the region,” said Barakat.

Barakat said that such entities as “Al-Qaeda,” “Al-Nusra,” “ISIS” and other obscurantist, reactionary takfiri forces will not last long as a force and are “in the process of disappearing, partially at the hands of those who have shaped them, after being used to achieve specific goals, employed in the creation of chaos, sabotage and sectarianism, and failing to achieve the objectives of imperialist and reactionary Arab forces in a number of regions and countries.”

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