Dec 202015

zayedThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on the Bulgarian authorities to reject the call by the Zionist occupation to arrest and turn over the Palestinian struggler Omar Nayef Zayed and immediately stop all efforts to prosecute him, warning of the serious consequences that may result from acceding to the Zionist demands.

The Front stated that the issue of the freedom fighter Zayed carries the political dimensions of a national issue, the case of a fighter for the freedom of his people, with the right under international law to resist the occupation.
The PFLP also warned of the danger of concessions to the Zionist demand, which will set a dangerous precedent for the prosecution and arrest of Palestinian and Arab strugglers, especially former prisoners who reside in European countries.

The Front also demanded immediate action from the Palestinian Liberation Organization institutions and embassies in Sofia and throughout Europe, to take up their responsibilities in carrying out all legal and political measures to defend Zayed and ensure he is not prosecuted or extradited to the occupier.

The Front called upon all progressive forces in the world and friends of the Palestinian people and human rights organizations, especially in Bulgaria, to exercise political and media pressure to defend Zayed.

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