Mar 142016

jeninm2During a mass march and rally in Jenin, occupied Palestine, commemorating the life and struggle of the martyred freedom fighter Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed, the family of the martyr demanded a specialized investigation committee to examine his assassination inside the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Marching from the Zahra neighborhood of the city on 12 March, participants carried a symbolic coffin with the martyr’s photo as well as posters of the martyrs and leaders of the Front: the founder, George Habash, the martyred leader, Abu Ali Mustafa, and the imprisoned General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, as well as Palestinian flags, PFLP banners and posters of martyrs such as freedom fighter Samir Kuntar.

The marchers chanted in honor of the martyr, emphasizing that the Front will respond and not forget those involved in the assassination of Comrade Nayef Zayed.

jeninm4Ahmad Zayed, the brother of Omar Nayef Zayed, spoke on behalf of the family, demanding that a new investigation commission of specialized professionals be appointed, saying that the previous commission of political appointees sought to “blur the facts and dilute the reality” of what occurred, leading to the family’s withdrawal from that committee, which contained no criminal investigators, doctors, pathologists, or other relevant professionals. He demanded the recall and removal of the ambassador, Ahmad al-Madhbuh, and his investigation and trial.

Comrade Ismet Shouli spoke on behalf of the Front, vowing that the Front will continue to struggle and continue the revolution until the liberation of the entire land of Palestine. He linked the struggles of Guevara Gaza, Comrade Mohammed al-Aswad, as a military leader in Gaza, with the continuing struggle of the martyr Omar Nayef Zayed, saying that the occupation and its hands are responsible for the killings of countless Palestinians over decades of struggle. He emphasized that the Front will defend the Palestinian people by all means and work to develop and expand the intifada.

jeninm1Omar Mansour spoke on behalf of community organizations, saying that the entire Palestinian people and their institutions are appalled by the killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, a lifelong struggler and freedom fighter. “We must not kill Omar twice: once physically, and once again it will be a crime if the investigation is not followed through to its conclusion. We must find out the killers and accomplices, uncover them and hold them accountable. Many parties are trying to hide the truth, and we must make it visible.”

Awad Abdel Fattah of Tajammu’ in occupied Palestine ’48 addressed the loss of the martyr Omar Nayef Zayed, saying that his death is “a great loss for our people and the revolutionaries and activists of the world who wish to see a free Palestine,” urging all efforts to uncover the facts of the crime and hold accountable the guilty.

Khader Adnan, the former prisoner, saluted all of the Palestinian prisoners, including imprisoned General Secretary Sa’adat, calling for their liberation, as well as the martyrs, particularly Omar Nayef Zayed. He said that the case of the martyr revealed the reality of Palestinian institutions, embassies and diplomacy abroad, calling on Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki to resign in light of what has happened; further, he urged that the ambassador and his security team must be held accountable.

At the end of the event, the Front honored the family of the martyr Omar Nayef Zayed, and the families of the martyrs in the northern West Bank.

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