Apr 032016

channel2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on the Palestine Liberation Organization and its instittions to confront Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s remarks to Zionist media as well as the PA’s delegation to pay condolences on the death of a so-called “Civil Administration” occupation official in the West Bank.

The PFLP notes that this shameful behavior is continuing, repetitive and ongoing, exhibiting subservience to the structures of the occupation and its mechanisms of repression. These actions cross all of the lines and traditions of the Palestinian people and undermine the Palestinian national liberation movement and its principles and decisions, the most recent being the Palestinian Central Council’s decisions to end security coordination with the occupation.

The Front noted that these actions have met with popular opposition and outrage throughout the Palestinian people. The Palestine Liberation Organization and its institutions must hold the PA president accountable before the Palestinian people.

The Front denounced the disgraceful statements of Abbas concerning the PA searching and surveilling schoolchildren on the pretext of “searching for knives” while Palestinian children face the Zionist war machine daily at the checkpoints and barriers of death, and in the streets of Palestinian cities in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. This is a direct attack on the Palestinian education system, whether universities or elementary and secondary schools, and the stigmatization of the intifada and resistance as “terror.”

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