Apr 132016

uppsala2After a successful visit to Europe in February and meetings with the European Parliament, Comrade Leila Khaled, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine launched a tour of Germany, Sweden and Austria, meeting with Palestinian communities and supporters of the Palestinian cause.

Khaled has already spoken in Uppsala, Stockholm and Wuppertal and will speak in Gothenburg and Vienna, among other events in various European cities. She will also meet with political parties of the left in Europe and organizations working to build the boycott and BDS campaign to isolate Israel.

Her visit faced attempts to silence and suppress her events by right-wing newspapers and Zionist organizations in Germany and Austria, but all of her events are taking place as scheduled.

She will speak on Wednesday, April 13 in Gothenburg, Sweden at 7:00 pm at the office of the Communist Party of Sweden in Gothenburg, and the following day at 7:00 pm at Falestin Beytona. On Friday, April 15, she will speak in Vienna, Austria at 7:00 pm at the Austrian Arab Cultural Center (OKAZ).

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