Apr 202016

merkel-abbasThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine renews its call for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee to hold the Palestinian Authority and its political officials accountable for their ongoing attacks on the Palestinian people, their struggle and their revolution, noting the new statements by PA President Mahmoud Abbas to the German newspaper Der Spiegel. Abbas’ statements and boasts of his policies of security coordination are a provocation against the Palestinian people and far from Palestinian popular opinion, which is now more convinced than ever of the failure of the Authority and the futility of its approach, which has brought nothing but disaster.

In particular, the Front denounced Abbas’s condemnations of Palestinian resistance and his boasting about security coordination and repressing Palestinians, in particular his proud admission of arresting three Palestinian youths recently, accusing them of planning to carry out an attack against the occupation, placing these young Palestinians in danger both by the PA and the occupation.

The Front reiterated that these statements, which come while Zionist attacks are escalating against the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem, do not and will never represent the Palestinian people or the Palestinian national liberation movement. Further, they represent a bltant attack on the decision of the Palestinian Central Council which upheld our people’s right to resist, to end the Oslo agreement, and stop security coordination with the occupier.

The Front called again to hold the PA president accountable for these absurd and harmful statements and actions, which serve to give a veneer of legitimacy to the crimes of the occupation and its attacks against the Palestinian people. Further, the Front condemned Abbas’ statements that he does not call on Germany to pressure Israel, saying that “instead of these offensive remarks, he must protest against German policy in support of the Zionist entity, including providing it with free nuclear submarines.”

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