May 162016

berlin0-nakbaPalestinian communities and solidarity organizations with the Palestinian people around the world are marking the 68th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba with events and protests in dozens of cities across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia. These events include demonstrations, forums and cultural events organized to uphold the right of return of Palestinian refugees and to support the Palestinian struggle for liberation and self-determination.

Events will take place in major cities across the globe, including Berlin, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Brussels and other cities, including cultural festivals in Oslo, Malmo, Turin, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and elsewhere.

On this anniversary of the Nakba, the growing role of the international boycott of the Zionist state and its political achievements around the world is a significant topic, as is the rights of refugees, including and centrally the right of Palestinian refugees to return.

Despite the passage of 68 years from the expulsion of the bulk of the Palestinian people from their homeland, the Palestinian communities around the world and the children of the third and fourth generation continue to emphasize their rights and uphold their right to return and to Palestine.

Palestinian popular participation in the diaspora is expected to only grow and increase in the next years, in movement, organization and communication, especially in the coming year marking the 100th anniversary of the Palestinian struggle against colonialism and Zionist occupation.

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