Jul 012016

bilalasira2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s branch in Israeli prisons emphasized the continuation of escalating steps of solidarity with the hunger-striking prisoner, Comrade Bilal Kayed, against the imposition of administrative detention following the expiration of his sentence. In a statement on June 29, they emphasized that the schedule of protests will continue until Kayed is free and the administrative detention order against him is cancelled.

The leadership of the Front’s prison branch expressed great pride in the Palestinian prisoners in all prisons and detention centers of the occupation, for their steadfastness, strength and commitment to the program of escalating protest despite all attempts of the occupation and the prison administration to break their strikes and protests, including the imposition of sanctions, invasion of rooms, and isolation and transfer of leaders. The resolve of the revolutionaries is stronger than the oppression of the jailer.

The prison branch also expressed its sincere greetings in struggle to its strugglers in Megiddo prison, who carried out a hunger strike for over 10 days, as a model of steadfastness and confrontation to escalate the pressure on the occupation authorities. We will witness more diverse steps of protest and escalation in the coming days.

The prisoners in Megiddo have been subject to a continuous systematic campaign of targeting for transfer and repression, and have expanded the struggle of Comrade Bilal Kayed to Megiddo, joining together with the protest steps announced by the PFLP prisoners in all prisons. The experience of the struggle in Megiddo will be transferred to other prisons, all the way to the collective open hunger strike which will take place early next month if Kayed is not released.

The leadership of the prison branch emphasized that their escalating protest will continue until Comrade Kayed’s freedom, saluting the masses taking to the streets to support Kayed in his battle against the jailer, calling for the escalation of the mass movement to meet the size and importance of the struggle.

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