Jul 012016

no normalizationThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine notes that the Turkish-Israeli agreement for “normalization of relations” between the two countries is a suspicious and threatening agreement, indicating a development in relations and strategic cooperation that rests on a history of long-standing relations since the declaration of the occupation state.

The Front noted that the agreement reflects the interests and priorities of the Erdogan government, which never broke its economic, military or security ties with “Israel” despite the misinformation and Turkish official propaganda that sought to tie the normalization of relations between the states to an end to the siege of the Gaza Strip. This was a deceptive attempt to play the Palestinian card in the framework of regional conflicts, especially with the outbreak of the so-called “Arab spring.”

The Front noted that the Israeli-Turkish agreement stems from the necessity to forge a regional alliance for economic and strategic interests, especially around the subject of natural gas development and their common political role in the region. This reality refutes the Turkish official claims regarding the siege on Gaza, which have now been forgotten as a relic of the past.

The Front calls on the Palestinian factions to unite to face the dangers posed by this new alliance, which is part of the siege on the forces of resistance in the region, especially the Palestinian resistance.

Palestinian leftist writer Comrade Khaled Barakat said that “the bilateral relations between Turkey and the Zionist state are deep and abiding, going beyond the phrases of ‘normalization’ or ‘restoration of relations.'”

He noted that the volume of trade between the states did not decrease in the last period, but rather doubled in the recent era. “The functional alliance between Turkey and the Zionist entity works to oppose any Arab revolutionary advancement in the region, especially that which seeks to return the compass to confrontation of the Zionist state and its schemes to loot the natural gas of the Palestinian people. This is an $800 billion partnership, which is far more valuable to the Turkish bourgeoisie and the Zionist entity, than all of the Arab people.”

“At a time when the Palestinian people are urging a boycott of the Zionist state, Erdogan is strengthening his ties with the Zionists at the expense of the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza,” Barakat said.

He noted that the boycott movement in Turkey will be issuing a call in the coming days to build a movement in Turkey to reject the gas deal and normalization, in particular the partnership in the looting of the natural gas of occupied Palestine, which is the property of the Palestinian people and its rightful national wealth.

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