Jul 012016

Bilal English (1)The imprisoned hero Bilal Kayed is continuing his epic battle of steadfastness for the fifteenth day, and is supported by the prisoners of the Front in his struggle for freedom, facing a growing Zionist pressure and attempts to stop the struggle, which continues with greater insistence and determination to continue the battle of freedom, until the victory of Comrade Bilal Kayed.

In light of the crimes of the fascist Zionist machine of the prison administration, which continues to escalate its repressive practices against the prisoners, especially in Megiddo, Eshel, Ramon, Negev, Beer Sheva, and Hadarim, the use of transfers and sustained isolation of prisoners of the Front and their leaders; it is an illusion that these acts will succeed in distracting our comrades and forcing them to raise the white flag and submit to the terms of the prison administration. Experience has shown that the deceptive means of enticement and promises to withdraw repression have not and will not succeed in achieving their goals whatsoever in stopping the battle of freedom.

As we approach the second phase in this struggle that we are waging, for victory for Bilal Kayed, we insist on our determination not to accept less than freedom for him, from which we will build to open the files of administrative detention, solitary confinement, medical neglect and other issues, we emphasize the following:

1. We have committed to the masses of our people and to the imprisoned hero Bilal Kayed from the first day that we will continue to struggle according to our program and we will stop only when we reach the goals which we have demanded from the jailer. In this context, we emphasize that rumors that declare that the prisoners of the Front “suspended” their strikes and steps of struggle are incorrect. In this context, we note that the prisoners of the Front will carry out a three-day hunger strike from Friday until Sunday.

2. The persuasion and intimidation of the prison administration will not work against the prisoners of the Front, and we emphasize that attempts to open channels of dialogue with the prisonrs will meet our adherence to our stated goals, which are headed by the unconditional release of Comrade Bilal Kayed.

3. The need for media sources to handle consciously and with great caution news from inside the prison, and to deal with news from official sources. As we emphasize the importance of the role of the media in supporting the battle of prisoners, its role is not limited to only the dissemination of news about the prisoners, but to highlight the plight and the real struggle before the world.

4. Despite the efforts of prisoners in the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, it does not live up to the level required, and must leave behind the policies of the Palestinian Authority in favor of the PLO, and end the burden of its existence within the system of the Authority and the adherence to its policies, and transform itself into a real committee exercising its role to serve the cause of the prisoners, exposing occupation practices and policies against them on all levels, and playing a greater role in organizing events and activities in this context. We call upon the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee to organize a delegation of the family of Comrade Bilal Kayed to review the case of Bilal and bring it before international bodies and institutions and the United Nations, exposing the occupation practices against the prisoners in general and in particular the case of Bilal Kayed. This stems from the premise that the battle of Bilal Kayed is the battle of the Palestinian people, not of one prisoner or of the PFLP only.

5. The mass rallies and support of the prisoners who are engaged in the battle for freedom, and the parallel escalation of struggle between the prisons and the Palestinian street, is necessary and critical to put pressure on the occupation and all of those who are complicit and neglectful on the case of the prisoners.

We promise the Palesinian masses that we are committed to continue this battle for freedom, there is no room for retreat. We are continuing to expand our struggle in the coming days, and with our just cause we confront the repression of the jailer.

PFLP branch in Israeli prisons
June 30, 2016

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