Aug 222016

bilal-kayed-69To our steadfast Palestinian people….

Should we become accustomed to funerals as military parades that salute the martyr, or should we work to keep him alive among us to tell us about the bitter experience of occupation of every person in this steadfast and generous homeland? The heroic comrade Bilal Kayed, laying in the hospital bed of hatred, shackled to the bed of the executioner with steel handcuffs, is struggling with his comrades to defend their dignity and the dignity of the people. The occupation believes that this valiant young struggler is a member of a “small faction” that can be left to wait until death in order to serve as a ‘lesson’ to anyone who tries to stand up to the actions and attacks of the prison administration and resist the occupier, and that there will be no reaction. We know that this is the thinking of the officers of the occupation. We are engaged in these actions behind bars and inside prison walls and hope to see your own equal reaction to confront this brutality from the widest section of the Palestinian people, unified as well behind this struggle. Therefore, we in the PFLP branch in the prisons of the occupation emphasize the following:

1) We urge the masses of our people and their struggling forces to escalate all forms of militant and popular support at all political and social levels for the struggle of Comrade Bilal Kayed.

2) We express our appreciation of the positions of the democratic and progressive forces in the world who stand in solidarity with us in the battle for freedom, including the voices of parliamentarians, intellectuals, writers and strugglers, from the north of Ireland to South Africa, and in many Arab and Asian countries, standing to resist the occupier and its prisons, oppression and colonialism.

3) We renew our call on the institutions of the PLO to assume its national and political responsibilities toward the cause of the prisoners, including raising the issue of administrative detention in the various relevant international bodies to condemn this Zionist crime and seek its end.

4) We direct our heartfelt thanks to the members of the municipal council and the mayor of the Italian city of Naples for honoring Comrade Bilal Kayed with honorary citizenship of the city, Israel’s third-largest. We also applaud those who voted for the resolution.

5) We also strongly condemn the decision of the occupation to expel the leftist lawyer Charlotte Kates, coordinator of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network as she was on the way to join a delegation of solidarity with Comrade Kayed, and condemn the policy of preventing internationals from entering Palestine.

6) We also direct our sincere greetings to the European parliamentary delegation of solidarity, which visited occupied Palestine and was briefed on the situation of the prisoners and their suffering, and participated in events and support tents in solidarity with the prisoners, and we urge more solidarity delegations to support the prisoners and amplify their struggle around the world.

7) We urge the need to continue protests and actions in front of the United Nations and international institutions, cultural centers and embassies of countries that support the occupying state. The recent events in Gaza and Beirut in front of French institutions come alongside multiple events in French cities and help to break the confining box of predictable events and help to mobilize popular opinion and action.

To the Palestinian masses…

We are doing everything we can, that we can do inside this closed circle where we have been placed by force, and after a long run of struggle hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with all of you. We are here inside these walls with empty stomachs going toward martyrdom with all of the pain that it entails. We have written in our cells that we will be steadfast and that we will continue to challenge with determination all of their laws to which we will never surrender and never accept or agree. We have proven that their “facts” are an illusion and their methods and action, no matter how great their violations of international legitimacy remain protected by the United States and the West. They have the imperialist powers and we have our people and our factions that have proven that they remain loyal to the blood shed by the Zionist occupier. We promise you steadfastness until the victorious end of the battle of Bilal and the comrades, a promise written collectively, and we urge all to stay strong and united together on the road to freedom and against all injustice and oppression.

The leadership of the PFLP organization in Israeli jails

August 21, 2016

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