Jan 052017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip held a press conference on January 4, reviewing the latest developments inside Israeli jails and condemning the new sanctions imposed on prisoners and the isolation of imprisoned PFLP leader, Comrade Kamil Abu Hanish.

Comrade Allam Kaabi, member of the Central Committee of the PFLP and leader of the prisoners’ committee in Gaza, said that these escalating Zionist attacks are an attempt to prevent prisoners’ planned steps of escalating protest in 2017, pointing out that Abu Hanish is one of the main leaders inside the prison responsible for dialogue throughout the prisoners’ movement on future protests and coordinated action and strategic plans.

He also noted the escalation in various prisons by Zionist forces, especially in Nafha prison, where there was a major assault against the prisoners and the isolation of many. He also noted that there has been a high level of alert in various prisons due to raids and invasions of the sections by armed guards, including the confiscation of televisions and small electronics.

Kaabi noted further that the Zionist action to impose sanctions on the prisoners and single out the prisoners of Hamas will not be accepted, as the prisoners will not allow the application of policies meant to divide and discriminate among the prsoners. He urged broader Palestinian mass action to be prepared to support the prisoners and prepare for future open hunger strikes, including in the month of April.

He emphasized the call of the Front’s Prison Branch for a state of emergency inside the prison, saying that the imprisoned comrades will not allow Kamil Abu Hanish to be left alone in isolation and escalating protest steps will follow. Kaabi urged the organization of protests and actions by mass organizations, including students, youth, women’s and labor organizations, in support of the prisoners. He also urged international progressive forces and the movement to boycott Israel internationally to highlight the struggle of the prisoners and these most recent attacks.

Kaabi noted that events are being organized internationally on January 13 to 15 in solidarity with imprisoned PFLP General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, and fellow Palestinian prisoners, and will include a rally outside the ICRC headquarters in Gaza City on Monday, 16 January.

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