Mar 122017

Today we salute the martyrs, on the PFLP’s Martyrs’ Day. We remember the martyrdom of the leader Mohammed al Aswad, Guevara Gaza, and his comrades, Hayek and al-Amsi, and we emphasize that we are continuing on the same road laid down by those who struggled and fell for Palestine, committed to acting on their principles and approaches and achieving their goals….

On this anniversary that is deeply meaningful, we emphasize the following:

1) The need to escalate the action of the Intifada and resistance at all levels and provide support for the uprising. This requires unity to confront the continued aggression of the occupation and its threats of aggression on Gaza, settlement building, Judaization of Jerusalem, racist laws and the targeting of Palestinians in occupied Palestine ’48, and also revolutionary initiative from the comrades of the Front.

2) We call on the strugglers of our people to visit the families of the martyrs and commemorate the fallen as befits these true revolutionaries, heroes of the Palestinian resistance.

3) We reaffirm the importance of national unity on this anniversary and emphasize the need to transcend division on the basis of a national resistance program. This is the demand and the legacy of the martyrs.

4) We call on the student organizations to make this day one of action and awareness about those who struggled and sacrificed for the liberation of the Palestinian people, emphasizing the importance of revolutionary action to confront Zionist colonial aggression.

On this day, we salute the families of the martyrs and renew our dedication that we are moving forward and will not compromise, we will achieve our goals of a fully free Palestine, liberated from Zionist occupation.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Prison Branch
March 9, 2017

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