Mar 122017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip organized a number of events and activities to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8 and Martyrs’ Day on March 9, emphasizing the role of Palestinian women in the liberation struggle and commemorating the Palestinian martyrs fallen on the road to return and liberation.

In Gaza City, an event was organized in Habiba Restaurant on March 9, with the participation of Comrades Jamil Mizher and Maryam Abu Daqqa of the Political Bureau of the PFLP. Comrade Allam Kaabi, member of the Central Committee of the Front, spoke about the martyrs of the Front and their struggle for Palestine, including Mohammed al-Aswad (Guevara Gaza), Kamel al-Amsi and Abdel-Hadi al-Hayek. He also emphasized the role of women in the struggle for Palestinian liberation, including Leila Khaled, Shadi Abu Ghazaleh, Dalal Mughrabi, Taghreed Botmeh, Maryam Abu Daqqa, Duaa Jayyousi and countless others.

The event also included poems by Ilham Abu Zaher, which focused on the struggles of women, especially Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli jails.

In the northern governorate of the Gaza Strip, Martyrs’ Day and International Women’s Day were commemorated in an event. Comrade Rania Sultan spoke about the martyrs of the liberation struggle, including al-Aswad, al-Amsi and al-Hayek, noting that this year marks the 44th anniversary of their martyrdom. She also reviewed other major leaders of the Front and their contributions to struggle, as well as the life and resistance of the martyr Basil al-Araj. She also discussed women leaders in the Palestinian liberation struggle, including Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, Maha Nassar, Taghreed Bothmeh, Leila Khaled and all the imprisoned Palestinian women behind occupation bars.

She emphasized the need for development of the women’s movement in Palestine, including rebuilding and reviving the General Union of Palestinian Women in a democratic and inclusive framework.

In Khan Younis, the PFLP organized a commemoration for Martyrs’ Day and International Women’s Day, with the participation of leaders, cadres and members of the front. Comrade Nasrallah Jarghoun, member of the PFLP Central Committee, delivered greetings from imprisoned General Secretary Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat and all of the imprisoned comrades in Israeli jails engaged in a constant battle of wills and confrontation. He recalled the many martyrs of Gaza who struggled for the liberation of Palestine, emphasizing the continuing and historic role of the resistance in Gaza in struggling against the occupier. He also saluted Basil al-Araj and his fusion of resistance and intellectual struggle, as well as saluting Palestinian women and their leadership in Palestinian struggle.

Comrade Hanan Shaheen spoke on behalf of the Union of Palestinian Women’s committees, emphasizing the importance of revolutionary women leading in the Palestinian struggle for national and social liberation. The event also included musical performance and dabkeh dance.

The central governorate of Gaza held an event to honor International Women’s Day and Martyrs’ Day on March 10, with the participation of Comrade Hani Khalil, member of the PFLP Central Committee and historical leader Comrade Ali Qattawi. The event included speeches saluting the martyrs and strugglers, as well as activities and programs for families and children.

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