Mar 122017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the masses of the town in Azzun near Qalqilya welcomed freed prisoner Comrade Ibrahim Shbeita, released after 12 years in Zionist occupation prisons. Throughout his time in prison, he was a leader in steadfastness, active in the prisoners’ movement and frequently denied family visits by the prison administration.

Hundreds gathered in the Azzun boys’ secondary school courtyard to welcome Shbeita on Thursday, March 9 in an event organized by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee. Speakers emphasized the united support of the Palestinian people for the imprisoned strugglers and denounced the ongoing attacks of occupation forces on the town of Azzun, from which there are 150 people held in occupation prisons. Imad Shbeita, the deputy mayor of Azzun, emphasized the need for more pressure to free all Palestinian prisoners.

Former prisoner Yousef Abdul Haq spoke on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, saluting the leadership of the prisoners’ in the liberation struggle. He also saluted the martyr Basil al-Araj, emphasizing his role as a youth leader in consciousness and resistance.

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