Mar 262017

We condemn the aggression against our people and call for protection of the resistance and national unity

We, the undersigned Palestinian democratic forces in Germany, condemn and deplore in the strongest terms the brutal and barbaric behavior of the Palestinian Authority and its attacks on popular freedoms carried out by the Palestinian security forces against demonstrators in the city of Ramallah, Dheisheh camp, and other cities and refugee camps in the West Bank of occupied palestine. We also condemn the physical and verbal attacks against leaders and freed prisoners at the head of a peaceful demonstration against putting the resistance on trial, against the crime of security coordination, and upholding the principles of the martyr, youth leader Basil al-Araj.

As we stand by the rights of our people in occupied Palestine and everywhere, we renew our call upon all forces and parties to build national cohesion and promote unity to mobilize all efforts to confront the occupation, the concessionist policies of the Oslo authority and the confiscation of Palestinian inalienable national rights, and to protect the cause of Palestine from destruction, corrupt plots and marketing it for sale. We also demand that those responsible for these disgraceful attacks against our people be held accountable, and we demand the dismantling of the Oslo commitments, in the forefront, security coordination and the Paris Economic Protocol, and we call for the immediate implementation of the decisions of the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization in this regard.

We call on all of our people, in Europe and everywhere, to support and struggle for victory for the youth of the uprising in the occupied homeland, to stand by the Palestinian resistance and develop a new strategy of struggle to confront the occupation, its settlement projects and its annexation laws. We also call for an end to the division and destruction, the escalation of resistance in all its forms, and development of a comprehensive uprising throughout Palestine, with our mosques, churches and social gathering places as centers of unity and convergence in order to restore the flame of resistance in all forms, inside and outside Palestine. Today, we stand at the crossroads: forward on the road to unity, dignity, return and victory.

Palestinian democratic forces in Germany

  •  Supporters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Supporters of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Supporters of the Palestinian People’s Party
  • Supporters of the Palestinian Democratic Union

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