Jun 102017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanded that the Palestinian Authority immediate release Palestinian youth activist Nassar Jaradat, who was seized by security services of the Palestinian Authority from Ramallah three days ago. This comes in the context of the suppression of freedom of expression in the Palestinian context that provides a direct service to the occupation.

The PFLP holds the Palestinian Authority and its security forces responsible for the continued detention of Jaradat, including the risk of being arrested by the occupation through the “revolving door policy,” which has led to the arrest and martyrdom of a number of young activists and resistance strugglers.

The Front notes that the justifications of the PA security forces, for arresting Jaradat for his writing on social media, themselves show great disregard for the sentiments of the Palestinian people. The Authority should be holding accountable and arresting those who disregard and undermine the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, not those who criticize the policy of security coordination and the Palestinian Authority’s political direction and leadership.

The PFLP urged human rights organizations to act quickly for the release of Jaradat and all political detainees held by the Palestinian Authority. The PA’s continued repression is unacceptable and fully condemned.

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