Jun 102017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the Palestinian people of Kafr Qasem in occupied Palestine ’48 and their struggle to defend the Arab and Palestinian identity of their city as they bravely confront the policies of the occupation and its racist laws against Palestinian existence throughout occupied Palestine.

The Front saluted the martyr of the Palestinian people and of Kafr Qasem, the youth Mohammed Taha, who was killed by occupation forces on Monday evening, June 5, in clashes with the occupier.

The Front considers that the ongoing response of the Palestinian masses throughout the occupied homeland makes clear that despite all desperate attempts to erase Palestinian identity and existence through direct aggression, home demolitions, siege and racist and fascist laws, these attempts have failed before the Palestinian people’s firm adherence to their identity, rights and land.

The Front noted that the heroism of the people of Kafr Qasem is a model that shows a clear alternative to the illusion of settlement, negotiations and security coordination through liquidationist American “solutions.” The inalienable rights of the Palestinian people can only be achieved through confrontation, resistance and insistence on our full national rights in the streets and in the struggle.

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