Jun 152017

Many Left, anti-racist, anti-war and anti-imperialist organizations and parties in Greece have responded to the call of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to protest the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu and demand his expulsion from Greece. We are re-publishing the calls from these organizations to the demonstrations, which will take place on Thursday, June 15 at 7:00 pm: in Athens, at the Zionist Embassy and in Thessaloniki, at the Venizelos Statue. 

Announcement of the Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity for Palestine “Ghassan Kanafani” on Benjamin Netanyahu’s Visit to Thessaloniki


The Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity for Palestine “Ghassan Kanafani”, responding to the invitation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(P.F.L.P.) and the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network SAMIDOUN, appeals to all democratic people of Thessaloniki, to every citizen, to mass organizations of the city and to political organizations, that stand side by side to the Palestinian people, for a massive upsurge.

Making a mass demonstration condemning this visit, is the least act of solidarity to the struggle of the Palestinian people. Netanyahu’s visit to Greece with an energy agenda, is a new provocation of the Greek government, which is characterized the most pro zionist, pro NATO and pro American government, that our country has ever known.

The Tsipras-Kammenos Government, faithful to the Euro-Atlanticism of the local economic oligarchy, submits our country to the strategic and economic plans of Israel, US and the EU. The Greek goverment seeks to turn Greece into a transit energy center from which the natural resources, stolen by the Palestinian people, will be passed. The United States and the EU approve this deal by all means, because strengthening their strongest policeman in the region, is their main pursuit in their struggle against the axis of resistance, the so called “axis of evil” (Iran, Syria, etc.) while marginalizing the Russian interests in the region.

The “Ghassan Kanafani” Front stresses, that the interest of the Greek people and our country is alongside Palestine, alongside the axis of resistance in the Middle East and to the countries and peoples battling US and NATO imperialist interventions around the world.

On June 15th we have only one obligation: Netanyahu and Tsipras will feel the hot breath of the people of Thessaloniki. To understand in practice, that the Greek people are nurturing feelings of affection, friendly and solidarity to the Palestinian people and he is an indestructible enemy of their oppressors.

We demand the international isolation of Israel, as long as the crimes against the Palestinian people continues.

Netanyahu stay out of Greece

Liberty in Palestine

We all join the Rally on Thursday June 15th at 19:00 at the Venizelos Statue – Thessaloniki

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