Jul 232017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine praised the heroic action carried out by the young hero Omar al-Abed, son of the village of Kobar west of Ramallah, in the Halamesh colonial settlement, which led to the killing of three Zionist settlers. This operation sent a strong message to the Zionist occupation and its fascist government attacking the city of Jerusalem that its attacks will be met with quality operations.

The Front added that the operation in Halamesh colonial settlement emphasized the unity of geography and destiny for the Palestinian people. There is no security or safety for an enemy that is stealing the land and desecrating holy sites. The will and determination of Palestinian youth is stronger than all Zionist measures.

The Front saluted the Palestinian people in Jerusalem who took to the streets on Friday to defend the Arab identity of the city and its holy cites, stressing that Jerusalem must lie under the sovereignty of the Palestinian people. The Front further renewed its emphasis on the necessity to support the popular uprising of the Palestinian people in the city of Jerusalem to escalate intifada and resistance on the path of the Palestinian people and youth for unity, return and liberation.

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