Aug 072017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) condemned the decision of the European Court of Justice to keep the Hamas movement on the European Union’s “terrorist” list.

The Front emphasized that the Hamas movement is part of the Palestinian national liberation movement and like other Palestinian movements exercises its legitimate right to resist the occupation, as underlined by international law and conventions.

The Front added that the Zionist enemy is the main center of terrorism in the region and deserves the terror lable as it continues to occupy Palestinian land and commit real war crimes against the Palestinian people on a constant basis.

The Front urged all Arab and international movements to confront these decisions and the role of “terrorist lists,” through affirming the legitimacy of the Palestinian struggle and resistance, and to confront all attempts by the Zionist enemy to turn reality upside down and equate the victim with the executioner. Instead, it is the leaders of the Zionist state who should be brought before the International Criminal Court as a result of its crimes against our people.

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