Sep 262017

 “There are no half-solutions..with this ‘stateless’ [unpatriotic] bourgeoisie, these groups of fascists, no compromise is possible. It is a profound struggle, a struggle of classes”- Hugo Chávez.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine joined comrades and representatives of popular communist groups to gather in Trafalgar Square in central London on Sunday, September 25 to protest against US sanctions on Venezuela and denounce Britain’s media for being the mouthpiece of imperialism and spreading lies to justify a military intervention in Venezuela. The protest, which came as one of a series of protests in solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian socialist revolution, was organized by the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG), Rock around the Blockade, Venezuela Direct Action, Marcha Patriótica and Proyecto Sur.

Participants spoke and chanted in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution and socialism in Venezuela against reactionary, right wing, and pro-Zionist forces. A stall and an open microphone for all to speak out were set up, including posters denouncing Britain’s capitalist media lies.

Participants distributed hundreds of leaflets and spoke to passers-by, urging them to sign a petition against US sanctions on Venezuela. “We’ve succeed in getting hundreds of new signatures today, who have become part of the internationalist solidarity with the Venezuelan revolutionaries under siege,” said one of the organizers. 

Protesters carried Venezuelan, Cuban, Colombian and Palestinian flags and posters of the late Venezuelan revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro with the slogan “The Revolution will Continue”. Written slogans in Trafalgar Square emphasized solidarity with the working class and the oppressed in Venezuela and around the world.    

The organizers raised awareness on how mainstream state and corporate media in Britain is supporting right wing violence against the people of Venezuela. Andrew George of the RCG said that “We will not take the side of these fascists and right wing media groups like the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent who have been paving the way for a military intervention in Venezuela. They are the mouthpiece of imperialism.”

 In relation to Britain’s role in the crisis, George said, “We stand against the British government, its wars and its theft of resources; we understand its imperialist character very well. The Venezuelan movement is a light in this world, like the Cuban revolution and other movements who stand against imperialism and Zionism.”

In Trafalgar Square, participants and passers-by wrote solidarity messages for the people of Venezuela: “Long live the Bolivarian socialist revolution,” “Viva Venezuela,”  “Until victory, always,” and “Venezuela, Palestine is with you!”

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