Oct 062017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine renewed its call to dissolve the so-called “Committee for Communication with Israeli Society” and called for the establishment of a popular tribunal for the committee, whose activities are consistently in violation of Palestinian national positions and serve only the occupation and the project of normalization. It is repeatedly involved in suspicious and damaging projects and has exceeded all boundaries and principles once again in calling for participation in the normalization march entitled “Call for Peace” in Jericho next week in a statement on PLO letterhead.

The Front noted that this call for a normalization rally under the deceptive banner of “Women Make Peace” will not pass. This event is a distortion of the image of the Palestinian woman who has played a leading role in the revolution through generations of liberation. It is a crime to use the name of Palestinian women to promote normalization. The Front urged Palestinian women to express their anger and rejection of this normalization activity under the false banner of “peace.”

Further, the PFLP noted that it has repeatedly warned of the malignant role of this committee and condemned and rejected its normalization meetings, contacts and activities with the Israeli occupation state and members of the Zionist movement around the world. The work of this committee has faced continuous popular and national rejection of its damaging and dangerous role. Expanding the work and activity of this committee in the name of the PLO only confirms the insistence of the monopolistic leadership of the PLO on their path of destruction that is deeply damaging to our people, their values, identity and the sacrifices of their martyrs and prisoners.

The Front called on all sectors of the Palestinian people to make their position on this committee clear and for the PLO to resolve its position not only by dissolving the Committee for Communication with Israeli Society but by forming a national committee to promote the campaign of boycott of occupation and wage a relentless campaign against normalization and its spokespeople, and to hold accountable the leaders of this committee and all those who contribute to and facilitate their projects, justify its existence and reject the Palestinian commitment against normalization by putting them on trial in popular courts.

The Front warned against the malicious aims of these activities to promote the so-called “peace process” and negotiations for Zionist and U.S. objectives that aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

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